R45 Accountability Club

The R45 Accountability Club is for those looking to change their financial futures. The biggest challenge for those seeking financial independence is lack of accountability. The R45 Accountability Club provides the support you’ve been looking for. 

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Welcome to the Retiring By 45 Accountability Club!

So, you’re ready to invest in yourself and join a club focused on holding each other accountable for financial aspects of life? Here are the details.

  1. Subscribe now – The last step in the registration process is to subscribe to the R45 Accountability Club. This is a monthly subscription with a monthly fee of $25.
  2. Within 2 business days – I will send an invite to the email address you used to register here. That invite will provide information on how to access my private Facebook group.
  3. It’s Exclusive – My intent is for a small group to hold each other accountable for the goals each set. 250 is the max. Once we hit that, then you’ll have to wait until someone drops out to be able to join.
  4. No commitment – You’re free to stay for as little as one month. The longer you stay, the more support and accountability you’ll find.
  5. Perks – You’ll have access to my personal spend information, exclusive podcast episodes, and specific accountability coaching on your budget once per year from me. Plus, I am actively participating weekly to ensure the group gets information directly from me – the guy that made a nine year plan to go from $15,000 saved to complete financial independence!

Once you’re in, I’ll send you access to some other helpful tools that are only available to R45 Accountability Club members.

Why $25 per month? – quick answer is, if you’re paying, you’re focused. That and you get access to other great resources, regular interaction with me (the guy that’s 1/3 complete on a 9 year path to financial independence), and it’s exclusive. 250 people and that’s it. I want 250 serious, focused, engaged, and committed people. Free is good but free doesn’t always keep people focused.

R45 Accountability Club Member
$25.00/per month
After registering and signing up for this monthly subscription, you will gain access to an invite only Facebook group where a select few talk specific numbers. No judgement, no strings, just motivation to keep you on track with your financial plans. This is an invite only group limited to 250 members. Once 250 join, the group is closed. Don't miss your chance to join the exclusive R45 Accountability Club today! For a limited time only, get a free one month trial period!

*Please note – you will be redirected to Stripe to process payment. Charges will show as Infinite Insight Holdings, Inc.